Collaborative, non-competitive support for local OB/GYN providers

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) contracts directly with hospitals to provide coverage for unassigned obstetrics patients and respond to emergencies in the hospital. Our clinicians provide emergent care and serve as a safety net for pregnant women in the hospital. OBHG hospitalists also provide additional support to community physicians, including management of emergent patients, labor management, surgical assists, rounding and discharge – allowing private physicians to spend more time in their offices and reduce call burden.

When you partner with OBHG you’ll receive the assurance that your patients are seen by a trained OB clinician during their emergent hospital visit. You’ll also work with a consistent group of clinicians who become part of your care team, helping you reduce your risk profile and provide a better patient experience.

Our goal is to enhance both your personal and professional quality of life through our partnership, by giving you more time outside of the hospital and less stress when you are in the hospital.

Do you know an OB/GYN who would be a good candidate for us? You will earn $5k if we hire a physician you recommend!

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How we partner with community physicians


Our hospitalists respect physician-patient relationships. We accommodate your wishes of when care is offered to your patients. Additionally, we ensure that you are notified prior to patient discharges or admissions, if requested.


Our OB hospitalists are prohibited from having affiliations with local private practices (unless specifically requested by the hospital), so there is no threat of patient recruitment.


OBHG hospitalists provide in-hospital back-up and emergency support, so you can stay in your office, spend time with your family or have an extra set of hands on a difficult case. Using the services of our OB hospitalists is entirely voluntary – you can use them as much or as little as you choose (as long as they are safely available).

No cost to you

OBHG contracts directly with the hospital and bills the patient’s insurance for services rendered, so these services are free of charge to you as a community physician. We recognize that professional fee billing for labor management, deliver and postpartum rounding and discharge are typically bundled with insurance providers and that breaking the global payment may negatively impact your total reimbursement. With this in mind, we have created a system in which you may choose to pay OBHG directly and maintain your global reimbursement.

How is an OBHG partnership enhancing quality of life for a VA private practice?

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