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As an OB/GYN, you have the opportunity to usher new life into the world. It's a privilege that often comes with the stress and strain of juggling enormous responsibility. Serving patients in the office as well as those laboring at the hospital, managing office staff, dealing with ever-changing regulations, missing family events, or being awakened in the middle of the night to make urgent clinical decisions.

There is a better way. Ob Hospitalist Group offers a career path for the modern OB/GYN — physicians who want to drive positive change for women's healthcare and enjoy greater balance in their own lives.

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OBHG allows you to focus entirely on the patient. You can help correct a disparity of care by ensuring that all women presenting to the hospital with an OB complaint are evaluated by a highly skilled physician rather than funneled through the conventional nurse-led phone triage.

You’ll also be helping local private practice physicians, because our OB hospitalists serve around the clock to treat their off-hour emergent cases as needed. In addition, our clinicians treat unassigned and uninsured OB patients and are on hand to assist with emergent OB/GYN patients. Not only do our OB hospitalists connect and collaborate with fellow OBHG clinicians nationwide, but they are also part of a local team of passionate professionals.

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