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"Ultimately, I think the hospitalist program for OBHG is the wave of the future and as with all things, I have been glad that NAMC desires to be on the forefront of the best practices for women’s health."

– MD Central Texas OB/GYN Associate

SAFE Risk Data

At the foundation of OBHG’s SAFE program is a commitment to capture data proactively and effectively in order to identify areas of potential risk mitigation, find opportunities for quality improvement, and ensure transparent and engaged interactions with our provider teams and hospital partners.

A cornerstone of the program, the SAFE Hotline is implemented with every hospital partner and OBHG provider team. In addition to any specific hospital incident-reporting requirements, OBHG providers report risk events, potential system issues, or trends in patient risk or patient demographics, as well as near-miss events and life saves, to this secure, dictation-based SAFE Hotline. An OBHG risk manager will promptly reach out to both OBHG provider and hospital representative to determine next steps.

From a national perspective, the SAFE Hotline has allowed for OBHG to become a leader in data collection on the sub-specialty of OB hospitalists.

  Safe Risk Data