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"The second night after OBHG started, a woman came in with an abruption and needed a stat C-section surgery. The OBHG physician got her into surgery within 16 minutes vs. the standard of 30 minutes. This probably averted a disaster and went a long way in confirming our decision with the nurses and local groups."

– RN, Administrative Director, Women’s and Children’s Services at St. Mary’s Hospital Bon Secours Health in Richmond, VA

Safe Hotline Incident Reporting Guideline

SAFE HOTLINE:  855.836.7233

Ob Hospitalist Group utilizes the OBHG SAFE Hotline and Quality Assurance reports to identify areas of potential risk and opportunities to improve patient safety best practice improvement.

What is required of an OBHG hospitalist?

  • Report Adverse Incidents within 24 Hours

  • Report Factually and Objectively

  • Include Detailed Documentation

  • Advise OBHG Risk Management of a Hospital Risk Management Involvement or Peer Review

Next steps after reporting an incident:

  • OBHG Risk Management Will Follow Up Within Two Business Days of Incident Report

  • Additional Documentation Will Be Requested if Necessary

  • OBHG Risk Management Will Advise as to Appropriate Next Steps


  • Fetal Death

  • Maternal Death

  • Maternal Injury

  • Newborn Injury

  • Term Newborn Transferred to NICU

  • Arterial Cord pH Less than 7.00

  • OB/GYN Re-admission Less than 24 Hours Post Discharge

  • Maternal ICU Admission

  • Fetal/Maternal Transport for Higher Acuity of Care

  • Peer Review Notices

  • Five-minute Apgars Less than 7

  • Any Additional Adverse Outcomes Not Listed Above


OBHG Risk Management Department
Phone:  800.967.2289
Fax:      864.627.9920