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Please contact the OBHG Patient Advocacy Liaison to discuss any clinical concerns. 

"The OBHG hospitalist program has allowed us to improve our quality, reduce our risk, and stabilize our OB/GYN medical staff which provides a foundation on which we can grow our services."

– Chief Executive Officer, Summerville Medical Center

Healthy Moms. Healthy Babies.

Ob Hospitalist Group is committed to providing quality care to the patients and hospitals we serve. The Risk Management & Patient Safety Department strives to support OBHG physicians, and our hospital partners, so OBHG can deliver on this commitment by elevating quality of care while simultaneously decreasing medical malpractice liability and risk.

One of the department’s initiatives is the SAFE program. The OBHG SAFE Hotline and OBHG Quality Assurance report identify areas of potential risk and opportunities for quality improvement. Through its efforts, SAFE has assisted OBHG providers and hospitals alike in dramatically decreasing the medical malpractice exposure and risk traditionally experienced by obstetrical providers and hospitals.

Services offered through SAFE:

  • Improved Quality of Care and Outcomes
  • Outcome-based Metric Collection & Analysis
  • Reduced Medical Malpractice Exposure & Liability
  • OBHG Physician Review Panel
  • OBHG Risk Event Protocol
  • SAFE Hotline – Expedited and Proactive Issue Management
  • Quality Improvement Best Practice and Services
  • Perinatal Safety Bundles
  • Educational Pilot Initiatives

Other SAFE initiatives provide OBHG providers and clients with access to a variety of best practice and educational offerings that increase quality of care, including OBHG’s adherence to a Perinatal Safety Bundle module. A recent comparative study on claims incurred nationally by OB/GYN providers based on the completion of a perinatal safety bundle prior to claims incurred, indicated a reduction in claim severity and loss for OB/GYN providers who had proactively participated in a perinatal safety bundle educational module (source: The Doctors Company).

Additionally, OBHG is committed to capturing and analyzing outcome-based quality metrics and core measures, essential for our providers and partner hospitals to understand OBHG’s value from a quality improvement perspective. OBHG belongs to various patient safety collaborative networks in order to share knowledge of best practices, increase hospitalist access to additional educational resources, and serve as quality improvement leaders in the healthcare industry.

We invite you to discover more about OBHG and the advantages that our customized programs deliver to our partner hospitals, physicians and patients.  An OBHG representative would be happy to answer any questions you have as well. Or schedule a consultation today!