Program Overview

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"The OBHG hospitalists’ medical knowledge and expertise are invaluable to our patients."

– RN, Labor and Delivery, O’Connor Regional

A Team’s Success Comes from Serving Others

Henry Ford was commenting on the importance of teamwork when he said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.” This sentiment is beautifully illustrated by the recent successes of OBHG’s hospitalist program at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center (NAMC) in Austin, TX.  When NAMC opened its OBED doors in August of 2008, it was fortunate to be fully staffed with a team of experienced physicians who had left their private practices with a desire to serve others and deliver quality medical care.

“We had just become disillusioned with the daily grind of running a business,” said Dr. Brian Monks, Team Lead at NAMC. “We wanted to focus more on direct patient care and less on business administration. When NAMC opened, we all took a giant leap of faith and haven’t looked back since.”

Together, OBHG’s team of hospitalists including Drs. Brian Monks, Enzie Briskey, Brad Fitzwater, Charles Jaynes, and Sheila Parekh seamlessly melded with the NAMC team resulting in considerable growth and undeniable success. “Our team has really become part of the hospital itself. The camaraderie with the staff is something we're very proud of,” said Monks. “The doctors and nurses here really understand that we are here to support them—we are their partners.”

The OBHG team has also become very close, they keep each other motivated to stay sharp and rally together in times of need. “The OBHG team at NAMC is a well-oiled machine. The four primary doctors have worked together for over three years and I have been their backup hospitalist for two years. We cover 24/365 with no lapses. NAMC has a large, busy obstetrical unit with an excellent well-trained staff. The support I receive from my fellow hospitalist is excellent. It is a great place to work and an amazing team,” remarked Dr. Jaynes

When the OBHG team began working at NAMC, the hospital was doing roughly 300 deliveries per month, had a 19-bed Level III NICU, did not have a maternal fetal transfer service and no perinatologist. With the OBHG program in place, NAMC has been able to leverage the existence of the Ob Hospitalist Group program to strategically grow the services they offer the community.

Today, the NAMC hospital labor and delivery department looks like this:

  • 600 deliveries per month (a two-fold increase)
  • 36 beds in NICU with a plan to add more  (representing 89% growth)
  • Approximately 180 transfers per year – more than any other hospital in Austin (up from zero)
  • Three perinatologists on staff

The team at NAMC has truly risen to the challenges to not only collaborate on growth, but also support that growth. OBHG hospitalists have had over 18,000 patient interactions and have delivered approximately 870 babies since the implementation of the OBHG program.

Another challenge the physicians have encountered is that a significant percentage of patients presenting at NAMC are in the high-risk category. The service-minded hospitalists at NAMC are able to provide those patients with the very best medical care, which they may not receive elsewhere. In addition, the team has the honor of being the primary care provider for all maternal fetal transports and conducting all postpartum hemorrhage procedures such as the intrauterine balloon. This designation is a testament to their experience and expertise as well as the respect of area and staff physicians.

North Austin Medical Center has been amazingly supportive of this program. They market us extremely well and inform community physicians of our purpose and the depth of our capabilities to support them,” said Monks. “We have a remarkable sense of mutual respect.”

NAMC was included in the Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals: National Benchmarks for Success in 2013. This is the second year the hospital has been an honoree. Other OBHG program hospitals honored include: Virginia Hospital Center and Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.



“Before OBHG, staffing my nurses was a nightmare and I had nearly 100% turnover. With OBHG, nurses love working because they can actually be nurses. Before, they were asked to be responsible for physician-level clinical decisions and criticized when mistakes were made.”
- Ruth Reichert; Director of Maternal-Child Center, Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, FL