Program Overview

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"In our OBED every woman is now seen by a trained physician. Care has improved and we are capturing revenue that we weren’t before."

– MD, CMO at St. David’s NAMC system, Austin, TX

OBHG’S Hospitalist Program by the Numbers

OBHG hospitalists are highly-skilled OB/GYNs delivering a broad spectrum of care to all patients presenting to the Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED). From emergent care to fetal monitoring or even routine check-ups, our hospitalists have delivered some impressive numbers.

We invite you to discover more about OBHG and the advantages that our customized programs deliver to our partner hospitals, physicians and patients. An OBHG representative would be happy to answer any questions you have as well. Or schedule a consultation today!

"We have not had a lawsuit since implementing OBHG. We are hoping to get a $200k credit on our malpractice insurance."