Program Overview

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"In our OBED every woman is now seen by a trained physician. Care has improved and we are capturing revenue that we weren’t before."

– MD, CMO at St. David’s NAMC system, Austin, TX

An Innovative Approach. Irrefutable Results.

In 2006, Dr. Chris Swain, Founder of Ob Hospitalist Group and the original architect of the Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) created an innovative, OB/GYN hospitalist model much more comprehensive than the simple laborist staffing models available at that time. OBHG’s approach may be different; we don’t try to be all things to all hospitals. We begin by listening to your needs and goals. We want to understand your unique clinical culture, understand the community you serve and determine whether we are the best partner to help you elevate the quality of women’s healthcare you provide.

If we share this vision then we can leverage our experience and industry-leading practices to guide hospitals through the development and implementation of a highly effective, comprehensive, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist program. We don’t provide cookie-cutter services. This approach is a key differentiator separating us from simple laborist staffing models. We deliver more than just great physicians. We deliver complete solutions uniquely suited to your hospital.

The hallmarks of an Ob Hospitalist Group program:

  • Collaborating with Hospital Staff to Deploy a Personalized Hospitalist Solution
  • Customizing Program Policies and Procedures to Align with Hospital Standards
  • Completing Extensive Hospitalist Interview Process to Ensure a Team that Best Fits Hospital Culture
  • Supplying Personalized Coding and Compliance Materials and Staff Training
  • Assigning Professional Fees to the Hospitals as an Offset to Program Expenses
  • Monitoring Key Program Metrics to Ensure Accurate and Compliant Coding
  • Delivering Detailed and Customized Analytics Offering Valuable Program Insights
  • Providing Hospital Staff Training and Drills Through our SAFE Initiative to Improve Program Effectiveness
  • Partnering with Hospitals to Reach out to Physician Practices and Community Clinics
  • Leveraging Lessons Learned and Best Practices to Enhance Overall Program ROI

We invite you to explore the advantages our unique program provides to our partner hospitals and their physicians. Or schedule a consultation with OBHG today to discuss how our program can directly benefit you.

“I have several years experience selecting and working with hospitalist vendors and I did a great deal of reference work. It became clear that OBHG was a preferred vendor. Every hospital I called said if we are going to do this, these are the people to go with.”