Oklahoma hospital creates video about its OB hospitalist program

Norman Regional Health System recently created a video for patients about its OB hospitalist program and OBHG partnership. The video educates patients about the benefits of having a board-certified OB physician on site 24/7 and the hospital's goal of elevating the level of care for expectant mothers and their babies.

Select quotes from the video:
“The (OB hospitalist program) allows patients to be evaluated by a board-certified OB/GYN physician instead of a nurse always doing the evaluation. Now the bonus here is that we have great nurses plus the OBED physicians so that patients get the best of both worlds.”
– Dr. Becky Graham, OBHG hospitalist

“I love having the physicians here because it’s an immediate resource. Instead of having to wait minutes or longer (minutes matter a lot of times in labor and delivery), having access to somebody who can immediately help us deliver  a baby that’s in trouble, whether it be by emergency cesarean or a patient who comes in who is imminently delivering, really makes a difference in the level of care that we can give.”
– Kathryn Martin, RN, labor and delivery nurse at Norman Regional Health system

To watch the video, click here.

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