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"The second night after OBHG started, a woman came in with an abruption and needed a stat C-section surgery. The OBHG physician got her into surgery within 16 minutes vs. the standard of 30 minutes. This probably averted a disaster and went a long way in confirming our decision with the nurses and local groups."

– RN, Administrative Director, Women’s and Children’s Services at St. Mary’s Hospital Bon Secours Health in Richmond, VA

As the nation’s largest dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, Ob Hospitalist Group created OBHG University to provide continuing education for our clinicians regarding current best practice and changes in healthcare. OBHG is also continually looking for new ways to share knowledge and support the clinical initiatives of our hospital partners. We are pleased to announce that we can now provide direct access to the OBHG University which has become a robust repository of live webinar recordings, protocols, practice memos from our Clinical Advisory Committee, and clinical resource links such as CMQCC’s toolkits and ACOG’s Safe Motherhood Initiatives.

One of the resources which is a system-wide initiative for Ob Hospitalist Group is the March of Dimes Preterm Labor Assessment Toolkit (PLAT). The March of Dimes re-introduced this toolkit in 2013 and OBHG’s Chief Medical Officer felt that our providers were positioned to be champions of this important initiative within their hospitals and with their hospital teams including nursing staff. Is your hospital using PLAT?  If not, please see the toolkit resources on the University and let our hospitalist team assist in rolling out this initiative in your Labor and Delivery unit.

OBHG’s Clinical Advisory Committee is a relatively new contributor to the OBHG University. The committee utilizes the experiences of our national network of skilled clinicians to evaluate new medical literature in order to develop informative memos regarding current best practice guidelines which our providers can then share with their hospital teams to create or update policies. Our partner hospitals now have direct access and can view these memos along with the other information within the University.

We invite you to discover more about OBHG University by clicking on the Hospital Partners Login link and using the access information your OBHG contact provided to you.

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  Three Reasons Hospitals Choose OBHG

  Elevating the Standard of Women’s Healthcare through Service

  Singular Focus Allows OBHG to Deliver Excellence

  OBHG Goes Far Beyond a Staffing Company

  OBHG Supports Partner Hospitals and Community Physicians Alike

  Women and Babies Rely on OB Hospitalists in Time of Need


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