OBHG Texas partner creates video about its obstetrics emergency department

OBHG hospital partner Texas Vista Medical Center recently created a video about its obstetrics emergency department (OBED). The video educates the community about the features of the OBED and the benefits of an experienced OB hospitalist on-site 24/7. It also describes the advantages of the OBED for pregnant patients, who can now bypass the regular emergency room and receive more immediate, specialized care. The new OBED is bringing care for expectant mothers to a new level.

OBHG’s Dr. Andrew Folley, Texas Vista Medical site director is featured in the video.

Select video quotes from Dr. Andrew Folley:

“It (the OBED) can do all the things that the regular emergency room can do for OB patients that are having complications or problems.”

“It provides quicker care, so patients aren’t having to sit around in the emergency room waiting area to get into a bed. Patients come in here and within 30 minutes from the time they walk in the door, a nurse and a doctor are seeing that patient.”

Scroll below to watch the video:

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