OBHG achieves highest customer loyalty and satisfaction score in the outsourced physician services industry

The results of our recent client satisfaction survey are out and they are impressive. In a year when OBHG operations and clinical leadership teams were unable to visit hospital clients due to the pandemic, OBHG’s customer loyalty and satisfaction score increased 15.5% to industry-leading levels. We are so proud of our clinicians’ unwavering commitment to patient care and the selfless sacrifices they made during the pandemic. We are also proud of our program support staffs’ seamless dedication to our clients.

Each year, we ask for feedback from our current hospital partners to understand how we are meeting their expectations and identify opportunities for improvement. Survey respondents are asked to rank OBHG’s services on qualities such as program criteria importance and satisfaction, overall program satisfaction and likelihood to recommend OBHG. Reviewers are also asked to provide recommendations of how we can improve our service.

We appreciate the feedback of all of our hospital partners who provided their important feedback and perspective, as it allows for us to drive continuous improvement in our service, women’s health and maternal outcomes.

Survey results and learnings

  • OBHG achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82, the highest in the company’s history. NPS is the global standard for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. Scores are determined by customers rating their likelihood to recommend a company, product or service to a friend or colleague, using a scale of -100 to +100. An NPS score of 70 or higher is considered by industry experts to be “world class” and an indicator of overwhelming customer loyalty. Developed in 2003 by Bain and Company, NPS is used by millions of businesses worldwide to measure and track customer experience.
  • We are especially proud that our NPS increased 15.5%, from 71 to 82.
  • With such a high NPS, we’re honored to have the highest NPS in the outsourced physician services space.
  • The 30 hospital CEOs that responded to our survey gave us even higher marks, an 87 NPS, indicating a very high level of confidence in the services we deliver.
  • Our overall client response rate to the survey was 92%.
  • Eighty-four percent of the 307 hospital clients that responded to the survey ranked 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10 regarding how likely they would recommend partnering with OBHG. Only 5 out of the 307 ranked 6 or lower.
  • Eighty-three percent of OBHG’s clinical site directors received perfect or nearly perfect scores in the areas of professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness.
  • The survey revealed that improved patient safety, 24/7 physician coverage, improvement in key quality metrics and support for nursing staff are the program elements our hospital partners value the most.

As we head into the second half of 2021, we’re inspired to keep moving forward in our commitment to expand access to women and their families to the OBHG standard of care. We are honored by the continued trust of our hospital partners and remain proud of our 95% customer retention rate, driven by our results in consistently meeting 98% of program objectives.

Hospital partner comments
Below are some of the comments provided by our hospital partners during the survey process:

“The OBHG program has significantly improved the outcomes at our facility. Their responsiveness and overall collaboration have been excellent. They challenge the status quo and are true partners in the care we provide to our community.”
– Michigan OBHG hospital partner

“I’m really pleased with the OBHG group. I can show using data that our safety metrics have improved. You guys have saved actual lives and I’m beyond grateful.”
– Mississippi OBHG hospital partner

“Great team who supports providers, nursing and patients. Consistent care between the providers on the team and with the private providers. They are collaborative and committed to best care, support education to staff on the unit and in simulations and lead change on the unit for providers and nursing.” 
– Colorado OBHG hospital partner

“We’ve developed a great relationship and partnership to provide much better care for our patients. The leadership at OBHG has been very approachable and has responded to ALL concerns in a timely and effective manner.”
– Arkansas OBHG hospital partner

“The OBHG team have made a significant positive impact on our operations effectiveness. In addition, the OBHG site director participates in the steering and growth of the Women’s Center and is a valuable collaborator throughout other departments within the hospital, including surgical services and the emergency department.”
– California OBHG hospital partner

“OBHG’s presence in our women’s unit has been a great benefit to our women’s program and a satisfier to our physicians and nursing staff. The OBHG physicians have improved patient safety greatly, and improved patient satisfaction.”
– Texas OBHG hospital partner

“Very pleased with OBHG and how quickly they were able to start up our program. The physicians and medical director are all very professional and well-trained individuals.”
– Tennessee OBHG hospital partner

“This program has been extremely valuable with recruiting and retaining experienced labor and delivery nurses. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness, care and compassion shown by each of the OBHG physicians. The needs of our patients in the women’s area along with the ED are addressed promptly and appropriately. This program has helped us provide higher quality care.”
– North Carolina OBHG hospital partner

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