What quality care means to OBHG

By OBHG Marketing on October 18th, 2017

From our frontline clinicians to our Risk Management & Patient Safety team, quality is a top priority across the board at Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG). In observance of Healthcare Quality Week, we wanted to share what we are doing to ensure quality care for all patients across our national network of OB hospitalist programs. 

OBHG developed the SAFE program to elevate the quality of care for our hospital partners while simultaneously decreasing medical malpractice liability and risk. We offer our partner hospitals several services through SAFE, including a hotline and quality assurance reports to identify areas of potential risk and opportunities to improve patient safety best practices. We are also committed to capturing data to identify areas of potential risk mitigation, finding opportunities for quality improvement, and ensuring transparent and engaged interactions with our provider teams and hospital partners. All OBHG clinicians and hospital partners have access to a variety of best practice and educational offerings aimed at increasing the quality of care. 

When it comes to quality, our team is all in. OBHG obstetrician Dr. Lydia Sims of Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital said:

"By definition, quality represents a high level of excellence. At OBHG, our clinicians obtain a high level of excellence by providing patient safety, meeting standards of care, demonstrating patient advocacy, while simultaneously using evidenced-based medicine and experience in caring for our patients."

OBHG Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Simon said this about healthcare quality:

"Quality is ensuring that we deliver the best possible care to each and every patient in a timely, reproducible fashion. That is why we work so hard to disseminate best practices to our team of clinicians across the country and measure the impact of our care on the communities that we serve."

OBHG CEO Lenny Castiglione had this to say: 

"Quality begins with the people that we hire and the teams we build. As an organization that is focused on bringing life into the world where complex clinical situations exists, we have to exceed the standard and leave no room for error. Therefore, we are very intentional about measuring our outcomes and constantly raising the bar. Our commitment to quality and safety is the core of our mission and operating model."


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