Think Like a Millennial - Reboot Your Career

By OBHG Marketing on July 26th, 2017

It was different when you were in medical school. You became a doctor to serve patients, and an obstetrician to give babies the healthiest possible start in life. Your chosen profession required numerous personal sacrifices, but you did whatever it took, and you made it. Now you’re a skilled, successful and well-respected healer - a pillar of the community. And you’re exhausted.

Plus, your bucket list is getting dusty.

Are today’s medical students looking for an easier path? They do tend to embrace a different set of values - unapologetically eschewing 24/7 availability and intense pressure in favor of work/life balance and, well, sleep. Maybe they’re onto something.

We know the healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving. While the changes can feel overwhelming or unsettling, a new culture brings with it new ways to work – and not just for the next generation.
You’ve read that hospitalist medicine is on the rise – according to a recent Medscape article more than 50,000 hospitalists are now employed at 75% of hospitals and most academic health centers. While pediatric and internal medicine hospitalists have been around for more than 20 years, OB hospitalist medicine is a younger specialty.

Visionary obstetrician Dr. Chris Swain developed the first Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) program and first Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) in 2006.Today, we operate more than 110 programs in 28 states, and we’re growing fast.

But how does it work for physicians?

OBHG is not a locum tenens company or staffing agency that fills temporary gaps in coverage. We are an employer that offers experienced, board-certified OB/GYNs a solid career path that includes enough built-in time off for a fulfilling personal life.

All obstetricians who work for OBHG earn competitive compensation and paid medical malpractice insurance. Those who work seven or more 24-hour shifts per month in our hospital programs are considered full-time employees and also enjoy generous benefits.

What else is there? A lot. Once on board, our clinicians are connected to a robust, national network of more than 560 OB/GYN hospitalist colleagues who provide support, clinical collaboration and camaraderie. OBHG also provides continuing medical education resources along with the most current information about quality and safety initiatives and best practices.

Giving up private practice means giving up piles of paperwork, but it doesn’t mean giving up autonomy or influence. Our clinicians serve on hospital committees, help educate medical students and residents, and serve as staff team leaders within the hospital. Others may opt to pursue volunteer leadership opportunities their crazy schedules never allowed before, like joining their alumni board, supporting a community clinic or organizing a medical mission trip to Haiti.

They form collegial relationships with local community physicians that allow for idea sharing, seamless care coordination, safe transitions and increased satisfaction for patients, hospital leaders and clinicians.
OBHG is the largest employer of OB hospitalists today because it’s all we do. We speak your language, and we share your values.

When you’re ready to explore your career options with OBHG, our recruiters can guide you into practicing the medicine you desire and living the life you deserve.


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