Saluting Our Colleagues on Doctors Day

By Kristine Hartvigsen on March 30th, 2017

Regardless of specialty, physicians have many traits in common, such as compassion, knowledge, and exacting standards. They’ve survived many years of college, medical school, and residency. They’ve weathered the related hardships, the joys, the camaraderie, and (yes) the debts. That common experience binds them in communal respect.

Medical doctors of both genders comprise a coed brotherhood that is unique to their professional journey.

OB/GYNs represent a subset of physicians who routinely sacrifice personal interests, family time, and sleep to ensure that mothers and babies have a healthy delivery experience. They are gifted with intense passion and humanity in addition to their academic and medical gifts.

Founded by a committed OB/GYN who envisioned a better, safer way to deliver excellent OB care and afford physicians a more desirable personal lifestyle, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) proudly proffers physicians the respect and clinical engagement they receive from their medical colleagues as well as a superior work/life balance.

By proximity, the OBHG physician-led model delivers pass-along benefits to private OB/GYN physicians who practice near or have admitting privileges at OBHG partner hospitals. Even though they are still working independently, these private physicians enjoy the benefit of an around-the-clock, highly skilled OBHG clinician onsite in the event one of their patients has a serious OB emergency.

Our hospitalists also are on hand at all hours to attend uninsured and unassigned patients that present to the hospital. Because OBHG clinicians are paid the same regardless of a patient’s insurance status, they welcome the prospect of treating uninsured or unassigned patients. This alleviates the after-hours on-call burden for private physicians and allows them more freedom to care for their own patients at the hospital or in their local practices.

Private physicians need never be concerned about competition from OBHG hospitalists. Our hospitalists do not have their own private practices nor do they have affiliations with any local practices, so there is no threat of patient recruitment. They also benefit from the availability of consultation and surgical assistance from our hospitalists, who are trained in high-risk obstetrics.

Through our Obstetric Service Agreements (OSAs), local providers can choose to authorize our hospitalists to provide inpatient call coverage without threatening the providers’ global billing. The OB hospitalists work closely with local providers to deliver the same high standards of care the provider would deliver himself. This arrangement allows the local providers to plan and take vacations without worry of sacrificing the quality of their patients’ care.

OBHG is very much an organization of doctors helping doctors. As a profession, we are one — united in our commitment to healing. We chose medicine for many reasons, the most important of which is to serve. We are the listeners, the advocates, the trusted partners in our patients’ care. We are the calm in the storm. Through our recognition programs and undying respect, OBHG honors our doctors every day for their skill, their dedication, their service, and their humanity. On this National Doctors Day 2017, we salute our coed brotherhood in the spirit of collaboration, quality, and goodwill.

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