Ready for Irma

By OBHG Marketing on September 15th, 2017

Just as Houston was beginning to pick up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, another storm was right on its heels, headed straight for Florida. Again, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) team members executed OBHG’s emergency protocols before Hurricane Irma hit land to ensure the safety of mothers and their babies during this time. 

“It’s truly an example of how our operations team, with the support of the broader company, really rises to the occasion to fulfill our mission of being there in the worst times, not just in medical emergencies but also during natural disasters,” said OBHG CEO Lenny Castiglione. 

OBHG’s clinical and operations teams continued to provide seamless coverage in their OB emergency departments and worked extra hours and even days to provide a safety net for clinicians who may not have been able to make it to the hospital due to the storm.

“Dr. Mark Kufel and Dr. Brayan Stuart went above and beyond. They were committed and worked tirelessly and compassionately to ensure the patients got seen and cared for,” said Nancy Heurtas Savina of Baptist Hospital of Miami. “They worked seamlessly with each other, had a very positive attitude, and the teamwork between the OBs in house and OBHG team was like none I have ever seen. We are all very relieved and happy they were here.”

Our team of OBHG clinicians at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital also provided coverage for community OB/GYNs who could not travel to the hospital to care for their patients.

“We appreciate OBHG’s foresight in providing the extra resources to ensure our patients were cared for safely,” said Pamela Malone-Quarles, Director of Patient Care Services in Delivery and Surgical Services at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa. “In addition, we appreciate your in-house availability for any providers who could not make it to the facility due to the inclement weather conditions. OB Hospitalist Group continues to be an excellent partner, ensuring safety as our top priority. We are so thankful to have a partner whose priorities aligned with our organization. It is a pleasure to work with you and your physicians.”

OBHG is proud to be the employer for so many compassionate and caring individuals who are willing to go above and beyond for our hospital partners and patients every day, no matter the circumstances.


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