Q3 2017 “You Delivered!” award recipients announced

By OBHG Marketing on November 24th, 2017

Each quarter, Ob Hospitalist Group employees nominate teammates who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate the company's core values.

The OBHG leadership team selects one clinician and one support staff member to receive the You Delivered! award for their outstanding performance. For the third quarter of 2017, OBHG recognized OB hospitalist Dr. Peter Genaris, and Senior Hospital Operations Analyst Jorge Lopez.

An excerpt from Dr. Genaris’ nomination:

“Dr. Genaris is a hero...he has saved so many lives this summer it is incredible. He successfully emergently delivered a patient who presented to the OBED with a complete placental abruption which allowed both mom and baby to be resuscitated from this life-threatening condition. He emergently delivered a patient who had a uterine rupture while attempting to VBAC, thus saving both mom and baby.

He performed these life-saving feats with grace and humility, and with compassion and respect for his patients and their families.

The physicians and nursing staff recognize his accomplishments and outstanding bedside manner with the simple statement of: "We love him!" As his teammate and team lead, I could not wish for a better team member to work with. His work ethic and ability is unparalleled. He deserves recognition for his grace under fire and for his heroic life saves.”

An excerpt from Mr. Lopez’s nomination:

“Jorge and I have collaborated on many projects and I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in Excel. Conservatively, his efforts [creating and testing a new time saving process for the team] have saved about 48 hours of productivity each quarter going forward. This service-minded approach to his role is evident from his work with our team, and he has now had a positive impact on my entire department as well.

I believe Jorge embodies the core value of "genuine service" by intentionally and joyfully utilizing his abilities to the best of his ability.”

Congratulations to both third quarter You Delivered! awardees! 

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