Labor and delivery in the eye of the storm

By OBHG Marketing on September 8th, 2017

Ob Hospitalist Group's Dr. Charles Jaynes is based out of Austin, TX and was luckily far enough from Hurricane Harvey's path that he did not experience the wreckage firsthand. But as Senior Medical Director of Operations, Dr. Jaynes had an important job to do: help coordinate OBHG's hospitalist teams across five hospitals in Houston to ensure that they were prepared for the disaster and could continue to help patients. 

"As doctors, we’re used to putting our patients first. Last week’s storm reminded me how so many others at the hospitals do the same, from the cleaning crew to the nurses to the physicians. I’m grateful that so many of us served as “First Responders” during Hurricane Harvey, and by following aligned preparation and contingency plans, I’m confident we’ll perform similarly during the next storm -- and the ones that follow."

Dr. Jaynes wrote an op-ed piece published in Becker's Hospital Review in which he shares key learnings for labor and delivery departments admist disasters and emergencies.

Read full op-ed on Becker's Hospital Review here.


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