How Our Legacy Lives On

By Kristine Hartvigsen on April 16th, 2017

There is always a hush in the delivery room until we hear the infant cry. That first breath confirms the miracle of life.

As Christians throughout the world celebrate the miracle of the resurrection this weekend, we are reminded how very precious and exquisitely beautiful life truly is.

Ob Hospitalist Group clinicians are thankful every day for the privilege of ushering new life into the world.

It is only appropriate that Easter comes in springtime, when colorful new buds awaken and reach out to greet the sun, when honey bees begin their dance of pollination, and the greening of fields and forests commences.

Despite our mortality, we are constantly reborn through our children. The gifts we bestow on them are carried forward long after we have gone. Our children, in turn, experience life anew through the eyes of their children. And the cycle of rebirth continues, generation after generation.

Ob Hospitalist Group wishes everyone a bright and joyous Easter holiday.

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