HealthPark adds doctors for high-risk deliveries

By OBHG Marketing on November 4th, 2015
An article by Frank Gluck

Todd and Nancy Prevatt had planned on a natural childirth at home when her uterus ruptured, they rushed to Golisano Children's Hospital and baby Gunner was delivered by C-section with help from Hospitalist Kevin Burlison.

Taryn Nahm had ignored the sharp pain in her abdomen for more than 12 hours before she finally agreed to seek treatment at HealthPark Medical Center’s ER.

A shocking diagnosis came shortly thereafter: The 30-year-old was bleeding internally, the result of a complication from a pregnancy she had not known about. Nahm had lost the baby and, without immediate surgery to repair her ruptured Fallopian tubes, could lose her own life.

Doctors and nurses on a newly created obstetrics team at the hospital kicked into high gear.

“I was actually bleeding out internally. If I had just gone to bed that night I would not have woken up,” Nahm said about that Aug. 30 emergency room visit. “It’s still a range of emotions, processing all of it, even now.”

HealthPark, home to the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida in south Fort Myers, is used to dealing with such medical emergencies. But a program established last month will ensure that a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist is at the hospital at all times, rather than the hospital relying on on-call physicians who may or may not be nearby.

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