Building a robust clinical network

By OBHG Marketing on September 15th, 2017

OBHG’s online community creates connection and collaboration for clinicians nationwide

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) offers a host of benefits for clinicians who are seeking a fulfilling practice combined with rewarding work-life balance. OBHG also offers our clinicians the chance to connect with fellow hospitalists nationwide via a robust online community: Ob Exchange.

A custom solution and one-stop resource
Created exclusively for our OBHG teams with input from our clinicians, Ob Exchange is a user-friendly online community that connects more than 600 clinicians in more than 120 programs across the United States.

This powerful resource offers:

  • Centralized access for clinical online tools used daily
  • Educational resources, including OBHG University and GNOSIS continuing education
  • Clinical peer-to-peer discussions
  • A nationwide clinical collaboration network
  • Instant, anytime access to essential documents
  • Dedicated communication space for each hospitalist team
  • News
  • Clinical content and best practices
  • Feature stories about fellow hospitalists

The customized online community is a one-stop portal for tools used daily by OBHG clinicians, including coding, charge capture tools, scheduling, continuing education resources, and team communications. 

The power of clinical collaboration
Ob Exchange is a supportive environment where OBHG hospitalists can trade clinical knowledge with fellow physicians across the nation. This connection allows our teams to rely on the strength of their peers in a collective network of more than 600 skilled hospitalists working together to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare. When faced with a challenging clinical situation or question, OBHG hospitalists can crowd-source advice and input from a knowledgeable team of accomplished clinicians.

Online discussion spaces are safe and interactive peer-to-peer forums for hospitalists to exchange clinical information, share best practices, and gather feedback. Whether it is the latest Zika protocols, tips for collaborating effectively with community physicians, or emergency preparedness best practices, all Ob Exchange members are encouraged to start discussions and post comments.

A wealth of knowledge
Ob Exchange provides anytime access to OBHG’s custom-designed educational hub: OBHG University. OBHG University includes clinical webinars, best practice guidelines, clinical articles, and policies and procedures that help clinicians maximize patient safety and quality of care. This resource is continually updated with the latest innovations and best practices to aid hospitalists in providing excellent patient care.

Team communication
In addition to a community-wide connection, each OBHG program location has a dedicated space where the hospitalist team can share documents, participate in discussions, schedule events, and more. Team spaces offer an intimate forum for our dedicated hospitalist teams to collaborate, coordinate events, and trade knowledge that affects their specific hospital program. These spaces within the community allow team members to access their team-specific information anytime, anyplace.

A deeper connection 
Ob Exchange’s personal profiles offer an opportunity for OBHG clinicians to connect with fellow medical school and residency alumni, members of professional organizations, and share their off-shift activities and hobbies. The community’s direct messaging capability also allows hospitalists to connect with colleagues who share common interests.

Hospitalist profile articles published on Ob Exchange offer an in-depth look into the lives of OBHG team members in and out of the clinical setting. News articles keep providers informed about the evolving field of hospitalist medicine and the expanding network of OBHG programs nationwide. In addition, team members pen clinical articles focusing on topics that are critical to OB/GYN hospitalist medicine, from emerging trends to tried-and-true skills.

Support and knowledge
Ob Exchange is simply one of the many resources Ob Hospitalist Group provides to its hospitalists to help them deliver exceptional care to women, efficiently serve partner hospitals, and elevate the standard of women’s healthcare.

OBHG hospitalists are highly skilled, passionate clinicians who love practicing medicine without the hassles of running a private practice. As the nation’s largest dedicated employer of OB/GYN hospitalists, we are always interested in talking with talented physicians and certified nurse midwives about joining our team. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of becoming an OBHG hospitalist, we encourage you to view our current job opportunities, and contact our friendly recruiters via email at or by phone at 800.967.2289.


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