Babies Don’t Recognize Seasons. Neither Do We.

By Kristine Hartvigsen on June 13th, 2017

It’s summertime. Lots of folks — OB/GYN physicians included — are sinking their toes into the sand and reading dog-eared paperbacks. Without question, they work hard and are enjoying well-deserved time off. But we all know that the proverbial stork doesn’t take vacations. So who’s delivering the babies?

Because there’s no “off-season” on the Labor and Delivery (L&D) unit, many hospitals experience challenges finding qualified healthcare professionals to provide coverage for their busy L&D departments during the summer, on holiday weekends, or during school breaks.

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) programs are designed specifically to provide around-the-clock, 24/7 safety net coverage every day of the year so that every pregnant woman coming to the hospital at any time of the night or day can receive immediate care from a highly qualified OB/GYN clinician.

OBHG hospitalists are onsite 365 days a year so local OB/GYNs don’t have to sacrifice prime time with their families or doing the things they love outside of the hospital. They can freely choose when they want to take leave without conflict or guilt. All the while, they know their patients are in good hands the entire time they are away.

Another perk? Hospital managers don’t have to sweat details of the L&D coverage schedule.

Best of all, patients under the care of an OBHG hospitalist receive the highest-quality of OB care available — winter, spring, summer, and fall. Quality is a constant standard that can’t be forfeited to the exodus of clinicians during highly coveted sabbatical dates on the calendar.

Quality is always top of mind at OBHG. We put our clinician candidates through a rigorous vetting process. Those who make the grade and join our ranks then receive comprehensive supplemental training in standardized best practices, safety/risk reduction, and emergent obstetric medicine.

In addition, OBHG regularly collects and reports National Quality Forum (NQF) OB/GYN metrics to its partner hospitals so they can see clearly, in straightforward terms, exactly how we are performing for them. OBHG consistently outperforms the national average on all NQF metrics we track. Our commitment to quality is so steadfast that we will assume some financial risk in the very unlikely event we fail to perform as expected.

Research consistently finds that delays in care of fetal distress is the No. 1 assertion (approximately 38%) in neonatal malpractice claims. With OBHG hospitalists on hand around the clock, delays in care are virtually nonexistent, and expectant mothers receive the highest-quality of OB care in the country.

With an OBHG-led solution, hospital managers win. Community physicians win. And, ultimately, maternity patients win.

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