OBHG Presence Enriches Residency Programs

By Kristine Hartvigsen on April 24th, 2017

No resident wants to be thrown into the deep end of the pool. Teaching hospitals and their faculty don’t want that either. But in the fast-paced real world of a teaching hospital — when staffing levels can become strained and the care team is pressed for time — OB/GYN and family practice residents sometimes may feel like they struggle to stay above water. These are the times when service-oriented OB/GYN hospitalists provided through Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) can allay supervisory concerns at teaching hospitals, enrich residency education, and enhance safety and quality.

A critical component of our mission to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare is improving the skill set of any practitioners who may find themselves unexpectedly in an OB care situation. Nearly one-third of OBHG partner hospitals have OB/GYN or family practice residency programs. OBHG clinicians support these residency programs by fostering, facilitating, teaching, advising, and mentoring. They are committed to helping our partner hospitals sustain optimal residency programs by providing the time, expertise, and platform to share knowledge and technical skills.

The presence of OBHG clinicians improves residency program quality and reach as well as enhances patient care and the clinical scope of residency-sponsoring hospitals in the following ways:

Residency Faculty Extenders

OBHG hospitalists working in full-time programs are present 24/7 to provide additional onsite supervision of primary care residents. They impart evidence-based best practices and enable residents to obtain valuable hands-on clinical experience. Their presence provides residents access to high-risk, emergent OB/GYN expertise while relieving some of the clinical burden placed on faculty so they have more time for outpatient clinical practice, planning, research, or special projects.

Our physicians set up small group settings for teaching, lectures, and group case studies. They also coordinate with university academics to evaluate residents and provide feedback upon request. OBHG clinicians can provide guidance on managing OB triage and allow residents to participate in some uncomplicated deliveries.

Onsite Clinical Consultation

With an OBHG hospitalist onsite around the clock to give OB/GYN consultations, faculty members and community physicians can enjoy some needed relief from this constant on-call responsibility.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Bringing with them the collective knowledge of a national network of more than 530 clinicians in over 100 hospitals, our highly skilled OBHG hospitalists help improve the safety and quality of both the care they provide and the resident care they supervise. Our risk management platform, SAFE, lowers overall hospital medical malpractice risk through an enterprise approach to risk reduction, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance. OBHG requires all of its hospitalists regularly to complete rigorous clinical and safety education bundles. They are always trained in the latest, proven medical knowledge.

Communication and Collaboration

OBHG hospitalists and residents participate daily in interdisciplinary rounds during shift change and patient handoff, a critical juncture when clear professional communication of each patient’s condition, diagnosis, and treatment plan is imperative.

Recruitment and Retention

The clinical safety net OBHG clinicians provide for hospital nurses and support staff reduces stress, improves morale, and enhances training. As a result, these professionals tend to stay on the job, strengthening retention prospects as well as attracting new staff who want to practice in this highly supportive and open teaching environment. In addition, having access to OBHG’s expertise in high-risk, emergent OB/GYN care is a strong magnet for new residents seeking OB/GYN subspecialty experience.

With OBHG supporting your residency program, the deep end of the pool will look less like a daunting challenge and more like a well of opportunity.

Learn more about the benefits and advantages OBHG brings to a hospital’s OB/GYN or family practice residency program. To speak to an OBHG representative, email Programs@OBHG.com or phone 800.967.2289. Download this document.


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