5,000 Lives Saved, 1,000,000 Hours Served, 50 Hospital Partners

By OBHG Marketing on September 12th, 2013

In 2006, Dr. Chris Swain, Founder and CMO of Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) had a vision, he wanted to ensure every expectant mother was afforded consistent, unconditional, quality medical care by a physician when presenting to the Labor and Delivery department. Dr. Swain’s vision didn’t end there though; he also knew in order to provide the highest achievable level of patient safety and satisfaction he needed to create a comprehensive OB/GYN hospitalist model beyond the typical laborist program that currently existed. Today, just seven years later, Ob Hospitalist Group is the single largest dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider in the United States.

Reflecting on his initial inspiration and the journey that followed, Dr. Swain says, “I wanted to help private physicians and hospitals fill some of the voids that I had experienced for so many years. The model that evolved and that OBHG has implemented in 50 hospitals to date, is one that focuses on each and every pregnant patient that presents to the hospital, and provides much-needed support for private OB/GYN physicians. We respect the fact that patients want and expect to be delivered by their own physician; and private physicians want and need to deliver these patients. The OBHG hospitalist is an emergency responder, always on-site at the hospital providing emergent care in times of need. Saving lives of women and their newborns has become the mantra by which our team lives each and every day. It is what drives OBHG to continuously grow, improve and expand.”

This fall, OBHG is celebrating three significant milestones in elevating the quality of women’s healthcare: 
Our 240 compassionate, committed hospitalists will mark their One Millionth Hour of Service to women and their newborns when they need it most. 

The opening of our Obstetrical Emergency Department at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, MI this month marks OBHG’s 50th Hospital Partnership. It is with great humility that we thank each hospital for trusting us to help care for their patients and support their nurses and community providers.

Last, but not least, are the Five Thousand Lives Saved. This is more than a milestone; it’s a legacy that will affect generations to come. 

Ob Hospitalist Group Chief Executive Officer, David Swain commented on the true meaning of these accomplishments, “These milestones really represent saving lives, raising quality standards, and improving outcomes for the women we serve. At its core, this celebration is about the incredible physician teams we have serving at partner hospitals around the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the wonderful corporate team supporting them.”

Looking forward, it is our goal to continue to be the leader of the OB/GYN hospitalist movement. While the future of healthcare in the United States is at times uncertain, we will steadfastly continue on our journey.

Ob Hospitalist Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Guion summed up his thoughts on the future of OBHG, “What began seven years ago as a simple conviction that there is a better way, has evolved into an industry-shaping, standards-defining, life-saving/life-changing movement within women’s healthcare. Now over 300 of us have joined together in pursuit of this vision . . . to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare. The industry has accepted our message and as a result, the future of OBHG is very bright.”  

We invite you to discover more about OBHG and the advantages that our customized programs deliver to our partner hospitals, physicians and patients.  Contact an OBHG representative today at Programs@obhg.com or  800.967.2289

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