A Closer Look at the OB Malpractice Reality

By Kristine Hartvigsen on February 11th, 2016

Findings from a study published recently by the New England Journal of Medicine (and widely shared online) cite OB/GYN as one of four top medical specialties targeted in medical malpractice claims. It’s true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Approximately one out of every 10 OB/GYN physicians nationwide is named in a malpractice claim every year. 1 in 10! How healthcare facilities operate and utilize personnel can make all the difference in mitigating malpractice risk and delivering the best quality care possible to expectant mothers. 

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Awareness is the Best Way to Avoid Infection during Pregnancy – Part One

By Kristine Hartvigsen on February 8th, 2016

Mothers-to-be, especially first-timers, have many questions. Am I getting enough folic acid? Is drinking coffee OK? Should I get a flu shot? How much weight gain is normal? What is my risk for preeclampsia?

Because February is International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) wants women to be aware of both common and not-so-common prenatal infections, as well as actions that can prevent them. We will share information throughout the month about different infections.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve with Ob Hospitalist Group

By OBHG Marketing on February 5th, 2016

Critics assert that healthcare in the United States, perhaps inadvertently, has become an example of “ready-fire-aim” thinking. For decades, our conventional model has been tweaked and refined to create necessary cost efficiencies that are palatable to the traditional fee-for-service, insurance-shaped marketplace. The old model — which industry experts dubbed the First Curve Paradigm — typically put urgent, episodic, acute care front and center.

In this First Curve culture, preventive, chronic, and longer-term care are relegated to a volume-based healthcare periphery where patients basically fend for themselves. This often involves navigating an uncoordinated network of independent providers operating as turf-protected islands unto themselves. There is little communication among providers, no strategy to sustain the patient’s health beyond isolated episodes, no forward-thinking plan for maintaining the wellness of the patient or even entire population groups.

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What Texans Need to Know about Zika

By OBHG Marketing on February 5th, 2016

As the Zika Virus continues to spread around the globe, particularly in South and Central America, pregnant women planning "babymoons" should take note of travel alerts from the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Rakhi Dimino recently wrote a blog post for the Texas Medical Association aimed at alerting women in Texas to this advisory and what precautions they should take to protect themselves. 

To read the full article, visit the Me & My Doctor blog. 

Dr. Dimino is a Houston OB Hospitalist and Medical Director of Operations for OB Hospitalist Group.

Zika Virus Declared Global Health Emergency, but Threat in the United States is Still Negligible

By Kristine Hartvigsen on February 3rd, 2016

Although the risk this winter for contracting the Zika Virus remains relatively low for pregnant women in the United States, the World Health Organization (WHO) this week declared Zika a global “public health emergency of international concern.” While that reference sounds frightening on the surface, the WHO declaration is intended less to be alarmist and more to coordinate funding and expertise among governments around the world to begin the long-term task of managing the epidemic. Any Zika outbreaks in the United States are projected to be both insignificant and localized.

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Teresa Medlin Named HR Professional of the Year by GSHRM

By OBHG Marketing on February 1st, 2016

Teresa Medlin, VP of Human Resources at Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), was recently named 2015 HR Professional of the Year by the Greenville Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (GSHRM). This annual award, presented at the January GSHRM membership meeting, recognizes excellence and achievement within the Human Resources profession.

Medlin has successfully developed and led creative and results-oriented Human Resource strategies and programs in high performing, growth-oriented companies for more than 20 years. She is certified by the HR Certification Institute as a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). In 2015, Medlin became a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) — a global credential which supports engaging and empowering teams.

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The Zika Virus:  What’s Your Risk?

By Kristine Hartvigsen on January 21st, 2016

Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should be aware of a low-level risk in the United States of contracting the Zika virus, which has been observed in recent months in Brazil and several Caribbean and Latin American countries. About 12 cases of people in the United States being infected with the virus have been confirmed in Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Hawaii. All of the infected individuals recently had traveled to Latin American countries.

The virus is believed to be responsible for an escalation of congenital microcephaly in newborns and for stillborn births. Babies born with microcephaly have abnormally small heads and under-developed brains. Because of this, they suffer a number of medical complications and developmental issues requiring constant care. Most have a life expectancy of only 10 years, though some live into their 30s.

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Ob Hospitalist Group Names New Chief Financial Officer

By OBHG Marketing on January 13th, 2016

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), the nation’s largest dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, is pleased to welcome new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kevin Krenzke. Krenzke joins OBHG with almost 20 years of finance and accounting experience, most of which has been working with rapidly growing healthcare companies.

Krenzke’s healthcare experience includes serving as chief financial officer for one of the nation’s largest oncology practices, as well as in financial, operating and strategy roles with McKesson Specialty Health. In addition, he has held management positions in the mergers and acquisitions and financial assurance practices of Deloitte, BDO Seidman and Arthur Andersen.

“Despite being a relatively young company, OBHG has grown to serve more than 90 hospitals across the country. The rapid growth and strong demand for our services demonstrates the importance of ensuring families have access to quality obstetric care in a model that is financially viable for our hospital partners,” said Krenzke. “I look forward to working with our management team and customers to continue expand program offerings and the availability of women’s health services.”

As an integral member of the Executive Management Team, Krenzke is responsible for OBHG’s financial operations and works closely with the development and operating teams to support growth and improve effectiveness. He is a certified public accountant and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Professional Accounting degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ob Hospitalist Group Names New Chief Growth Officer

By OBHG Marketing on December 31st, 2015

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), the nation’s largest dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, is pleased to welcome new Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Marc Kerlin. Kerlin joins OBHG with 30 years of experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare sectors.

Prior to joining OBHG, Kerlin held executive roles with Pharmetrics, Molecular Health Inc, e+Cancer Care, DaVita and U.S. Oncology. His experience spans health plan management, hospital administration, physician practice management, multi-site operations and business development.

“I joined OB Hospitalist Group because I believe in the company’s mission to elevate the quality and safety of women’s healthcare,” said Kerlin. "As a father of twins whose spouse went through a difficult pregnancy, I appreciate OBHG's focus on saving lives and taking care of mothers and babies that need our expertise and assistance."

As an integral member of the Executive Management Team, Kerlin works with the business development and marketing functions of OBHG to help guide the direction and growth of the company, focusing on new market development and program expansion. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University Shreveport and attended the Frost School of Business at Centenary College.

Texas Health Denton Opens Special Emergency Department for Pregnant Women

By OBHG Marketing on December 10th, 2015

DENTON, Texas — Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton has opened a special emergency room for pregnant women in the local community. The new obstetric emergency department, or OB ED, is located in The Center for Women at Texas Health Denton. It is staffed 24 hours a day by board-certified OB-GYN hospitalists, who are physicians that only see patients while they’re in the hospital.

Traditionally, women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant and present in the emergency room are sent to the labor and delivery unit for triage. From there, nurses evaluate the patient, but labor and delivery units are unlike emergency units; doctors are not always present, especially at night. This means that nurses have to coordinate emergency care with the on-call physicians, usually over the phone. When a patient is not in labor, it’s very common for them to be discharged without ever physically seeing a physician.

“The OB hospitalist model has really changed the way that we care for pregnant women,” said Dr. Vanessa Woolridge, an OB-GYN hospitalist on the medical staff at the hospital. “If they are having pregnancy complications, they want to be seen in a timely manner and by a physician knowledgeable about their condition."

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