Customized solutions for hospitals of all sizes

As the national leader in OB hospitalist services, OBHG provides customized solutions for many different types of birthing hospitals, even those with relatively low birthing volume.


Examples of customized models we have developed for smaller hospitals

  • OBHG provides 24/7 physician support for a rural hospital that, with not community OB/GYNs and one CNM doing all prenatal care for the community, would have otherwise had to close its L&D unit.
  • A 300-delivery hospital approached OBHG to elevate the standard of care and provide round-the-clock support for their single community OB
  • OBHG hospitalists provide weekend coverage at a 400-delivery hospital, enabling community OB/GYNs to extend practice longevity
  • OBHG is launching a telehealth platform to connect a hospital with fewer than 200 annual deliveries to an OB/GYN 24/7 to triage patients, provide consults, co-manage laboring patients, run simulations and provide staff education

An OBHG partnership by the numbers

OBHG has a proven track record for improving quality of care and reducing risk on labor and delivery units, demonstrated by:

  • 30% reduction in serious harm events
  • 75% lower percentage of births resulting in a malpractice payout
  • 100% compliance with nationally endorsed protocols
  • 67% reduction in C-section rates

We do this by:

  • ensuring every pregnant woman presenting emergently is triaged by a well-trained clinician
  • providing nurses with decision making support to ensure patients receive timely treatment
  • implementing and driving adherence to evidence-based protocols
  • supporting nursing staff education, simulation, and drills

Through our deep experience and discussions and feedback from our more than 180 hospital partners, we believe there’s an alternative model that delivers the same labor and delivery support and quality outcomes without the cost of an OB/GYN on-site 24/7.

If you are interested in talking to an OBHG team member about a potential OB hospitalist solution for your hospital, please fill out and submit the form below.