Program Overview

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"The OBHG hospitalists’ medical knowledge and expertise are invaluable to our patients."

– RN, Labor and Delivery, O’Connor Regional

Lead. Learn. Live.

Ob Hospitalist Group is more than a physician staffing company. Unlike other laborist only models, we not only provide highly-skilled hospitalists, but also advanced physician support, continuing education and training. Our hospitalists not only enjoy a more balanced lifestyle but also opportunities to continue learning and professional advancement. We provide our partner hospitals with qualified, committed hospitalists via:

Physician Selection

OBHG attracts and recruits highly-skilled OB/GYN physicians. We do not simply present a “pre-packaged team.” We partner with and lead hospital administration in screening, interviewing, and selecting the best hospitalists suited for the culture of your Labor & Delivery department. 

Hospitalist Certification Requirements

Our OB/GYN hospitalists are required to maintain high levels of clinical performance and professional standards for patient quality care. In addition to board certification for obstetrics and gynecology, our physicians are required to have additional training in: Advanced Cardiac Life Support; Neonatal Resuscitation Program; Advanced Fetal Monitoring; Operative Delivery Certification; Shoulder Dystocia Management and SBAR + R: Structuring Communication in Healthcare.

Customized Policies and Procedures

OBHG provides a detailed policy and procedure manual tailored to meet the unique needs of each partnering hospital. Our policies take the guesswork out of our hospitalist’s responsibilities with clear performance objectives and directives.

Staff Training and Drills

Our Medical Directors and OB/GYN hospitalists collaborate with your leadership to provide training and perform periodic drills. We can also assist with the training of medical students and resident physicians in your hospital.

Coding Compliance

Our billing and analytics teams provide monitoring and feedback on both professional and facility fee coding. Utilizing benchmarks and our experience at similar hospitals, we offer insights into appropriate coding definitions and levels.

Program Effectiveness Monitoring

Our OB/GYN hospitalists track more than 50 patient encounter characteristics during each shift. This information is assembled and reported to the hospital every month. The report includes trending information as well as any recommendations for improving the program’s effectiveness.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

As the industry’s leading provider of OB/GYN hospitalist services, we are constantly partnering with new hospitals nationwide. With each new hospital, we increase our portfolio of benchmarking and best practice information that you can leverage to enhance hospital operations.

Advanced Analytics

OBHG’s advanced analytics team provides quarterly reports, highlighting observations and recommendations for adding value. These reports, customized for your program, may include the following:

  • Patient Quality Care / Patient Satisfaction
  • Risk Reduction / Management of Life-threatening Emergencies
  • Supporting, Retaining and Attracting Private Physicians
  • Providing Nurse and Staff Support / Turnover Reduction
  • Serving More Patients / Increased Deliveries
  • Financial Summary: Facility Fees, Professional Fees, Coding Compliance and Collections
  • Total Program Financial Summary

We invite you to discover more about OBHG and the advantages that our customized programs deliver to our partner hospitals, physicians and patients. An OBHG representative would be happy to answer any questions you have as well. Or schedule a consultation today!