Program Overview

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"I have not yet had one patient complaint about the program."

– MD, Private Practice OB/GYN in Stafford, VA

Elevating Care. Reducing Risk.

Improved quality and safety of patient care, enhanced support of staff physicians and reduced risk are the primary reasons hospitals choose an Ob Hospitalist Group program. But it’s also about the bottom line. Our team diligently collaborates with hospital administrators, nursing teams, OB/GYN physicians and our hospitalists to develop a program that decreases malpractice exposure while meeting or exceeding their individual goals and addressing their unique needs. As a result, our partner hospitals enjoy a program that:

Reduces Malpractice Exposure

OBHG’s highly skilled, OB/GYN physicians provide on-site coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — improving emergency outcomes, limiting nurse liabilities and reducing overall hospital malpractice exposure. Some hospitals have even reduced their malpractice reserves or premium requirements after implementing an OBHG program.

Improves Physician Retention and Recruiting

OBHG hospitalists provide dedicated support for all physicians, offering additional incentives for private physicians to practice at your hospital — a key component of increased patient encounters. For most hospitals, an OB/GYN hospitalist program plays a key role in physician recruiting and medical staff retention.

Partners with Local Clinics

Our Regional Medical Directors and Team Leaders collaborate with your business development team, identifying opportunities to increase hospitalist utilization and hospital patient volumes; including leveraging OBHG programs to partner with local community clinics.

Creates an In-house Clinic

OBHG can help your hospital develop and operate an in-house clinic for unassigned and uninsured patients requiring OB/GYN care. Some hospitals have pursued this community outreach approach to serve these patients with quality care and improve profitability of the women’s services department.

Increases Peripheral Revenues

OBHG hospitalist programs provide immediate, professional treatment, encouraging patients to use your services more often. Improved patient care and a better patient experience can include referrals to peripheral departments – a source of downstream revenue that’s often overlooked, along with repeat business from the mother, her newborn and family. 

Reduces Nursing Staff Turnover

Hospitalist partnership and support creates an enjoyable, rewarding professional experience for your nursing staff. For some hospitals, the OBHG program plays a major role in nursing staff satisfaction and retention.

Our OB/GYN hospitalist program provides our partner hospitals with the processes, tools and training required to deliver a positive impact not just in the Women’s Healthcare line but across the hospital. Schedule a consultation with Ob Hospitalist Group today to discuss how our customized program can benefit your patients, your staff and your bottom line.