Chart a New Course

Honestly, work/life balance is the main reason I chose to become a hospitalist. At the end of this summer, I was able to take a two-week vacation with my family to backpack across Switzerland, and I have never been able to take a vacation that long before.

Dr. Kristen Innes, OBHG Diplomat Program Physician
It's a Wonderful Fit

It’s nice not having to worry about all the office things that I used to have to worry about, to have a defined set of responsibilities. I get to work and do my job, and then I get to come home. ... It’s a wonderful fit for me.

Dr. Peter Earl, OBHG Hospitalist
He Knows Daddy, and Daddy Knows Him

I was 45. Fatherhood was something I always wanted but wasn’t sure would ever happen. The fact that I am able to — even at this ‘advanced’ age — means the world.

Dr. Keehn Hosier, Team Lead Physician
On a Medical Mission

Doing this work makes me feel much more enriched and inspired when I return home, It is a chance to reinvigorate myself and remind myself of my valuable purpose as a physician.

Dr. Lisbeth Jordan, OBHG OB/GYN Hospitalist
He Pedaled With Mettle And Raised Almost $4,000 for Charity

I am happy that I have the kind of job where I can work hard and also have time to ride my bike.

Dr. John McHugh, OBHG Hospitalist
Going the Distance

I don’t see myself going back to another practice model. Life’s too short.

Dr. James Murray, OBHG Hospitalist
Texas-Based Hospitalist Mindful of Her Blessings

I think there are a lot of physicians who have an artistic side.

Dr. Nahille Natour, OBHG Hospitalist
When it comes to her specialty, Dr. Lydia Sims has pretty much done it all

OBHG is a very physician-oriented group. They make us feel valued.

Dr. Lydia Sims, OBHG OB/GYN Hospitalist
Taking the Leap on a Lifelong Dream

There is nothing like dancing, I have tried over the years walking and running. I have not found anything that I enjoy as much as Irish dancing. You get such a good workout.

Dr. Dympna Weil, OBHG Team Lead Physician