The Obstetrics Podcast: The realities of managing on-site L&D coverage

To listen to an in-depth conversation on this topic with Dr. Mark Olszyk, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President at Carroll Hospital, hit the play button below:

An elegant L&D solution
As the sole hospital in the county with about 1,000 deliveries per year, Carroll Hospital in Maryland provides quality care that ensures new moms remain with the Carroll Hospital system. This includes a program of couplet care, where the mom and the newborn baby stay in the same room, no matter what conditions surround the...


The Obstetrics Podcast: What it's like to be a traveling OB/GYN

OBHG offers rewarding travel career options for adventurous, highly skilled OB/GYNs. But what is the work and lifestyle really like? In...


Choosing a partner for OB/GYN coverage? Top factors to consider

Hospital administrators have a lot to consider when looking for a partner to provide obstetric coverage. The health and safety of...


The Obstetrics Podcast: Partnering with a local OB/GYN vs. a national group for OB coverage

When hospital leaders want to elevate the standard of women's healthcare, how do they decide on a partner for L&D coverage? They could collaborate...


The Obstetrics Podcast: When physicians assume leadership roles

What does it take to effectively lead a clinical team, and what is it really like? Renee Lockey, MD discusses how she went from...


The Obstetrics Podcast: From a private OB/GYN - Hospitalists are the future of OB services

Dr. David Afram is a private-practice OB/GYN managing partner at Capital Women’s Care in Arlington, Fairfax and Manassas, VA. He is a fellow of...


Addressing cultural bias in labor & delivery

Cultural diversity is one of this country's defining characteristics. And yet, cultural bias and discrimination in health care is an unfortunate reality. Patients often...


The Obstetrics Podcast: The Changing Healthcare Liability Market - How Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Should Respond

The year 2019 saw some changes within the professional liability industry, resulting from claims trends and the correlating response from insurance carriers. Heather Moore,...


The Obstetrics Podcast: What Hospital Leaders Need to Know About Maternal Levels of Care

Several states have recently adopted maternal level of care designations to improve care standards. Learn about maternal leveling and how it can have a...

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