Enhancing community OB/GYN quality of life

Novant Prince William Medical Center in Manassas, VA, previously worked with an OB hospitalist vendor that did not facilitate a collaborative relationship with community OB/GYNs. Prince William partnered with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) and since the launch, the local OB/GYNs have seen a dramatic change. 

How obstetric emergency department acuity scoring can impact a hospital's revenue

In 2016, OBHG embarked on a multi-year study of OBED acuity scoring and charge data, auditing 600 patient charts from 12 participating partner hospitals in the first year. OBHG found that the partner hospitals studied forfeited an average of $215,000 in annual facility fee revenue by using a poorly scaled tool for their OBED, and 65% would benefit from switching to the OBHG tool.