Welcome Memorial Hospital Shiloh in Shiloh, IL to the OBHG family

Welcome Memorial Hospital Shiloh in Shiloh, IL to the OBHG family. The program started with a full-time, OB Triage program and opened their obstetric emergency department on March 1. Memorial Hospital Shiloh is the 3rd OBHG program to start in 2022.

The team at Memorial Hospital Shiloh includes (l to r):   Dr. Bryson Whalen, Dr. Todd Bashuk, MDO, Dr. Timothy Isakson, Dr. Christina Dothager and Dr. Markel Owens.  Not pictured:  Dr. Eric Colton and Dr. Jenna Fiala.

Dr. Dothager will serve as Site Director for this program.

Shiloh’s new OB hospitalist program will include an Obstetric...


What is an Obstetric Emergency Department?

An Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) provides timely and efficient emergency care to pregnant patients presenting with unscheduled medical needs.

While the OBED...

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