A Wealth of Expertise

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Lydia Sims 

When it comes to her specialty, Dr. Lydia Sims has pretty much done it all. Fresh out of residency, she developed a much-needed prenatal program – which is still in operation today – at a public health clinic in San Antonio.

She worked as a contract OB/GYN for the U.S. military, joined private group practices in Kentucky and Louisiana, and was employed by a large healthcare corporation. She also founded a successful solo practice which she operated for 13 years.

Dr. Sims heard about Ob Hospitalist Group through a physician friend in Phoenix who had recently joined the OBHG team. Though she had been approached about hospitalist opportunities in the past, she had never been quite ready to make the leap. This time she was.

Her vast experience has already made an enormous difference for patients.

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On a Medical Mission

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Lisbeth Jordan

Dr. Lisbeth Jordan has always been driven to improve health and health care. Not just at home in Bellevue, Washington, but around the globe.

She has been able to follow her passion and do meaningful work in several developing countries. But when she was working as a private practice physician, the intangible rewards she gained through service to others came at a cost to her clinic.

Now an Ob Hospitalist Group clinician, Jordan can not only set her own schedule and spend more time with her family - but she can volunteer without the stress and anxiety that comes with leaving a business unattended.

In recent years she has traveled to Serra Grande, Brazil to help build sustainable health and education initiatives in partnership with the local community. This year she served as team lead for a project aimed at educating and empowering the area's teenage girls.

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A Wonderful Fit

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Peter Earl

Dr. Peter Earl's wife has a box full of her husband's old and outmoded pagers and iPhones. She collected them over the years when he was working in private practice and always on call.

“When I retire, there’s going to be a bonfire,” he says with a chuckle.

Dr. Earl was only too happy to leave those pesky devices behind, as he now enjoys the balanced lifestyle of a full-time Ob Hospitalist Group physician.

"Even in a ‘demanding’ month, I might work 10 days instead of seven," he says. "But that’s still only 10 days of work out of the month! It’s something I wish I had done quite a few years before I did it.”

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'He Knows Daddy, and Daddy Knows Him'

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Keehn Hosier 

Evan Hosier’s tiny hands held the cold metal of a stethoscope to his father’s chest and studiously listened. With grave seriousness, the 2-year-old asked, “How long does your tummy hurt?” 

“It was the cutest thing ever,” recalled Dr. Keehn Hosier, an OBHG hospitalist and Team Lead at Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Hosier was particularly surprised at these antics because he rarely went into “doctor mode” at home, so it wasn’t behavior his son witnessed often. But the toddler found his father’s stethoscope and went into mini-doctor mode himself. Could it be a future career path for Evan? There’s no telling, but one thing is certain. Daddy will be there for him every step of the way.

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Taking the Leap on a Lifelong Dream

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Dympna Weil 

When Labor & Delivery staff at Bellevue Woman’s Center learned that Ob Hospitalist Group Team Lead physician Dr. Dympna Weil had spent much of her life competing in Irish dance, visions of Riverdance came to their minds, and they begged her for a performance. 

“It’s true. I have been asked to dance on the unit,” she said. But the truth is that Dr. Weil (Dympna is a Gaelic name pronounced “dimp-na” after a Catholic patron saint, and Weil is pronounced “while”) had longed to return to her dance roots by opening an Irish dance school. It was a dream she eventually would alter her career path to achieve. 

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Going the Distance

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. James Murray 

Dr. James Murray readily admits that he was once “a typical overfed American physician.” 

An OBHG hospitalist at Winchester Medical Center in Virginia, Dr. Murray said that he and his OB/GYN practice partner used to sit in their office and “talk about our poor cardiac family history and delude ourselves with thoughts about how it wouldn’t happen to us.” 

After his partner passed away from a heart attack, Dr. Murray knew he needed to make some significant lifestyle changes, particularly with diet and exercise. So about five years ago, he began eating healthier and returned to the form of exercise he enjoyed most in his youth — running. 

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He Pedaled With Mettle

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. John McHugh 

Resplendent in his bright blue Ob Hospitalist Group cycling jersey, Dr. John McHugh departed from Mont Saint Michel the morning of June 25 to cycle the first leg of a grueling 21-stage, 2,077-mile fundraising odyssey that shadows the route professional cyclists take in the Tour de France. The annual event, Tour de Force, raises money for the William Wates Memorial Trust, which funds grant projects to help disadvantaged youth reach their full potential. 

An OBHG hospitalist at St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, California, McHugh trained for months, focusing on hills, in preparation for the challenge. The 6’5” physician rides a high-tech KHS 780, a carbon-fiber road bike with Ultegra electronic shifters and a Bontrager computer that measures distance, velocity, and cadence. It was custom-made to fit his frame. 

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Grounded at 10,000 Feet

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Renee Lockey 

She much prefers the fresh air and sunlight to the indoors or the media spotlight. She doesn’t care who gets the credit, and she really doesn’t think her actions are that extraordinary. The humble Dr. Renee Lockey is refreshingly gracious, and her selfless deeds are, nonetheless, quite extraordinary.

The high-energy Team Lead at Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs, CO, seems constantly in motion. When she’s off shift, she’s in the great outdoors mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, or road-tripping. Sun or snow, she commutes to and from work each day. It’s a lifestyle she truly loves.

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Texas-Based Hospitalist Mindful of Her Blessings

OBHG Clinician Testimonial: Dr. Nahille Natour   

Dr. Nahille Natour knew from a very young age that she wanted to help people.  

“I’ve wanted to be a physician since I was probably 6 years old,” she said. “There was no one event that triggered the desire. I wasn’t sure what kind of doctor I wanted to be, only that I wanted to take care of people.”

Dr. Natour was not sure what specialty to pursue until she was an undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin. “I worked at the UT student health center. Everyone who received birth control at the center had to take a class, which I taught,” she explained. “It helped me become a public speaker. I got to be good friends with my colleagues. That is when I really began to enjoy women’s health and formed an interest in the clinical side of OB/GYN.”

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