OBHG’s on site solution elevates the standard of care for emergent pregnant women to that expected and given to all other patient populations."

Dr. Mark Simon, OBHG Chief Medical Officer

I don’t see myself going back to another practice model. Life’s too short. I will (work) as an OB hospitalist for the remainder of my career. … I can’t imagine going back to private practice."

Dr. James Murray, OBHG hospitalist

I have been very pleased with OBHG and the services provided to our facility. The amount of support given to our nursing staff as well as our nursing leadership has been very generous."

Texas OBHG hospital partner

Because of our position as a labor and delivery emergency first responder, we have a greater frequency of exposure to obstetrical and postpartum crises."

Dr. Charlie Jaynes, OBHG Senior Director of Operations

The OBHG hospitalists have always been very responsive and provided tremendous support for the nursing staff. We have definitely seen improvement in our quality metrics."

California OBHG hospital partner

Our OBHG hospitalists are part of the team. They attend our perinatal committee, they give input…it isn’t as if they are a standalone team and they do their thing we do our thing, it’s all together."

Annette Stier, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services, Providence St. Peter Hospital

The OBHG arrangement has tremendously increased patient satisfaction for our practice as there are less delays in administering care and less patient cancelations and rescheduling on our part; the feedback we have been getting from our patients has been very positive about all of the hospitalist physicians."

Dr. David Afran, private-practice OB/GYN

One of the advantages of partnering with OBHG is that they provide national benchmarks for us. They track lots of quality indicators that we look at to compare our programs against other programs in the nation."

Deena Kail, Executive Director, West Tennessee Women’s Center and Ayers Children’s Medical Center

OBHG hospitalists not only respond to emergencies in progress to improve outcomes, but they also work toward keeping their hospital team ready and prepared to respond while trying to predict and prevent emergencies before they happen."

Dr. Rakhi Dimino, OBHG Medical Director of Operations

I love having the physicians here because it's an immediate resource. Instead of having to wait minutes or longer, having access to somebody who can immediately help us deliver a baby that's in trouble, whether it be by emergency cesarean or a patient who comes in who is imminently delivering really makes a difference in the level of care that we can give."

Kathryn Martin, RN, labor and delivery nurse

It’s nice not having to worry about all the office things that I used to have to worry about, to have a defined set of responsibilities. I get to work and do my job, and then I get to come home…It’s a wonderful fit for me."

Dr. Peter Earl, OBHG hospitalist

You never know when you’re going to have an emergency walk through the door. With an OBHG physician always in the hospital, there is no time wasted when a patient needs immediate care."

Dr. Christine Hunter, private-practice OB/GYN

OBHG helped to bring in an outside, positive influence as a back-up and guardrails for evidence-based standards of care. To have an OB on site, present 24/7 who could step in if there was a maternal complication was very important to us."

Dr. Timothy Harris, Chief Medical Officer