About OBHG

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"What makes OBHG stand out is their knowledge of how to run a program and get quality physicians. I would trust our four OBHG hospitalists with my own family."

– VP of Women’s Services at St. Joseph Hospital East, Lexington, KY

The OBHG Approach to Hospitalist Solutions

We begin with you. Implementing a successful OB/GYN hospitalist program begins with a clear understanding of your goals and your unique obstacles. We don’t provide cookie-cutter services, we recognize your specific objectives and goals, cultural expectations and unique circumstances to create a highly effective, comprehensive, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist program that is as unique as each presenting patient. This commitment to you is a key differentiator separating us from simple laborist staffing models. We deliver more than just great physicians. We deliver complete solutions uniquely suited to your hospital.

The hallmarks of an Ob Hospitalist Group program:

  • Collaborating with Hospital Staff to Deploy a Personalized Hospitalist Solution
  • Customizing Program Policies and Procedures to Align with Hospital Standards
  • Completing Extensive Hospitalist Interview Process to Ensure a Team that Best Fits Hospital Culture
  • Supplying Personalized Coding and Compliance Materials and Staff Training
  • Assigning Professional Fees to the Hospitals as an Offset to Program Expenses
  • Monitoring Key Program Metrics to Ensure Accurate and Compliant Coding
  • Delivering Detailed and Customized Analytics Offering Valuable Program Insights
  • Providing Hospital Staff Training and Drills Focused on Improving Program Effectiveness
  • Partnering with Hospitals to Reach out to Physician Practices and Community Clinics
  • Leveraging Lessons Learned and Best Practices to Enhance Overall Program ROI

Ob Hospitalist Group is committed to helping partner hospitals:

  • Create and Maintain an OB/GYN Hospitalist Program that Elevates the Quality of Care for Patients
  • Support and Attract Local Physicians
  • Reduce Risk
  • Support Nursing Staff
  • Contribute Financially and Operationally to Hospital’s Key Performance Metrics

We invite you to discover more about OBHG and the advantages that our customized programs deliver to our partner hospitals, physicians and patients. An OBHG representative would be happy to answer any questions you have as well. Or schedule a consultation today!